bGrid by Deerns shows visitors to fair where their relations are

Visitors can easily find each other during the Dutch PROVADA real estate fair with the special Meet & Greet app. This app has been created especially for PROVADA, and works using the bGrid developed by Deerns. PROVADA visitors can download the app on entry, letting them see whether any of their contacts are present and where they are in Hall 9. The bGrid was developed by Deerns with partners, as a response to the growing demand for smart buildings.

bGrid (Building Grid)

bGrid is a new innovation with huge potential possibilities in the built environment. bGrid is based on proven technology and is suitable for improving and optimising the management and use of MEP systems, utilisation processes and equipment in buildings.
Recent years have seen a growing demand for smart buildings. Among other things these are characterised by the individual management and control of lighting and climate, but certainly also in terms of asset tracking and way-finding. Installing and managing such a data network, often with many tens of thousands of data points, is labour-intensive and thus costly. By combining functionalities and opting for smart technology, Deerns can develop a system that is significantly cheaper, with many more features. Here we use a network of nodes that determine their position interdependently and automatically, while also being communication carriers.

Because of their automatic position determination, unlike the IP data points in a traditional system these nodes do not have to be programmed one by one (in terms of position). The nodes are accommodated in the light fittings or are mounted as standalone applications on the ceiling. This set-up means that initial costs are very limited, and in new builds it could even lead to an initial cost saving. Another major advantage of this technology is the ability to link other devices to this system.

That lets us instantly create a backbone for the Internet of Things, where all the ‘Things’ are also immediately positioned automatically (in real-time). Would you like to learn more? Then go to

9 junio 2016

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