Deerns and the Coronavirus pandemic

18 March 2020

In response to the spread of the Coronavirus throughout the world, we have addressed the challenges that emerge from this crisis. We are fully available to support our clients and we are at their disposal to help with any extra challenges posed by this situation.

To remain operational and avoid health risks in the current situation, we have altered the way we provide our services, protecting the health of our staff members and those for whom they work, and minimizing any potential contribution to spreading the virus.

In each country we keep following recommendations and instructions from local health advisory bodies and authorities, adapting from day to day as needed to continue working safely.

Many of our offices are closed, and some others are open only to deal with matters for which a staff member needs to be physically present. Our staff provides services through remote working, using the required technology tools available: integrated design systems and communication technology ranging from videoconferencing to remote data access and firm-wide chat channels.
Staff members minimize the use of public transportation; all physical meetings have been replaced by video sessions; training programmes have been postponed or changed into virtual sessions as well.  

By taking these measures, we can continue to provide excellent service to our clients and remain fully dedicated to serving their interests. All our offices can normally be reached by phone and email, and there is no change in our working times and availability.

The current challenge is an unprecedented one, and we are aware that these are times in which you, our client, may need our support and flexibility even more than under normal circumstances. Now and in the difficult times ahead you can count on us.

Jan Karel Mak,
Chief Executive Officer Deerns Group

18 marzo 2020

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