Deerns Group CSR report 2017-2018

Creating Future-ready Solutions By Building on 90 years’ experience

Looking ‘Back to the Future’, Deerns presents its ‘2017-2018 Commitment Status Review’, a renewed approach to monitoring and reporting its corporate social responsibility as a firm. Based on the firm’s commitments, as outlined in Deerns’ recently renewed Mission and Vision, this report gives an overview of the many inspiring actions that Deerns as a whole, and its professionals individually, take on a daily basis to fulfil their commitments in living up to this Mission and Vision. One such commitment is the reduction of the firm’s carbon footprint, which in 2017 stood at 1,691 tonnes of CO2 emissions, a decrease of 25% compared to 2016.

Contribution to society

Engaging in a stakeholder dialogue with valued clients and partners, multiple professional institutions and networks and with Deerns’ own staff, has formed the basis for Deerns’ Strategic Direction 2018 and onwards. As a result, the report illustrates how Deerns stays attuned to and tackles the trends and challenges that face these very stakeholders, such as the demand for zero-energy buildings or addressing the digital transition. Ana Cunha, Group CSR Director Deerns: "This report showcases what we are capable of as a firm: from relevant contributions to society’s demands of health, resource efficiency and resilience in the built environment through our future-ready designs - often honoured with prominent awards - to staying on the forefront of innovative developments in partnering with other design parties and our clients. Thanks to the entrepreneurial and social spirit we foster at Deerns there is great potential we have yet to reap in reaching our ambitions.”

Download the report and read about how Deerns creates a positive impact on the built environment, tailored to its users and future-ready.

31 octubre 2018

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