ING Head Office design achieves highest BREEAM score

The design of the new ING headquarters in Amsterdam has received a sustainability certificate from the BREEAM-NL quality label in the category New Build and Renovation with the highest BREEAM score: Outstanding (88.3%). This is the highest certificate achievable. The new office, designed by Benthem Crouwel, will be developed by OVG Real Estate, together with G&S Vastgoed. Deerns is involved in the design and realisation of the new headquarters as a mechanical, electrical and plumbing design consultant.

The new ING headquarters and the environment have to be accessible and easily approachable. The working environment must be vibrant and green. The five-floor building will meet the highest sustainability standards in terms of materials, health, waste and energy consumption.

Sustainable grounds

The office building has been designed to simulate a campus environment, which will encourage mutual cooperation and flexible working among the employees. The application of district heating and cooling and approximately 3,600m2 of solar panels on the roof will result in a CO2 reduction of more than 30% compared to the reference value. The technology in the building ensures smart and sustainable consumption and energy consumption and contributes to the creation of healthy workplaces.

Healthy building

Light and air are just two of the environmental factors that play an important role in a healthy building. The rooms will be equipped with high-frequency illumination with LED light sources. Building users can regulate the air flow system themselves by overriding the multi-sensor (presence detection) in the rooms. To ensure good internal air quality, the fresh air supply is free of contaminants from sources inside and outside the building. Rooms with a constantly changing occupancy will have an automatic monitoring system that will measure the CO2 level and automatically control the fresh air supply.

It is anticipated that ING will occupy its new headquarters mid-2019.

For further information about this project, please contact Menno Hollander.

4 junio 2018

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