LEED Gold for training centre and hotel cruise company Carnival Corporation

Cruise company Carnival Corporation will open the doors this summer to the new CSMART training centre and the adjoining hotel in the Dutch city of Almere. Both buildings are under construction in Almere Poort, a new area development where offices, homes, a marina and a promenade are being realised in a dune and beach setting. Partly thanks to Deerns' building physics and durability advice, the world’s largest cruise company will soon have two highly sustainable, LEED Gold certified buildings.

Training centre for 6,500 officers

Following the opening of the ‘Centre for Simulator Maritime Training’ (10,000 m2), 6,500 deck and technical officers of all nine cruise brands of Carnival Corporation will receive training there. The building will house simulator rooms, training rooms and offices. The healthy working environment, the use of state-of-the-art technology and the powerful, relaxing atmosphere will all contribute to the learning and work performance of the officers.

Five-star hotel

The training centre is connected to the five-star hotel of Carnival Corporation through an underground corridor and an above-ground dune path. The building is fifteen floors high with almost two hundred hotel rooms, a large restaurant, a fitness centre, a lounge and underground parking. Full floor-to-ceiling glazing of the facades around the entire building maximises natural daylight in all rooms. LEED certification applies to the construction and the materialisation. The carpets for example have been made - entirely in style - of fishnets.

18 mayo 2016

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