New European Patent Office premises officially opened

Recently the new European Patent Office premises in Rijswijk were officially opened in the presence of King Willem Alexander. The building was designed by architects Jean Nouvel and Diederik Dam. The old premises, located alongside the new premises, will be demolished. Ninety per cent of the building materials will be reused. Deerns was involved in the conceptual and final design of the building, and shared the responsibility for the verification of the construction design on the instructions of New Main B.V.

Unique building for the Netherlands

This is the first time that such a tall and slender building with unusual dimensions (156 metres long, 107 metres high and only 12.5 metres wide) has been erected in the Netherlands. The 26-storey building, with its double-glazed façade, is unusual in the Netherlands. Apart from workspaces, it also includes meeting rooms, training centres, sports facilities and a restaurant.

Sustainability is key to the building

The 150-metre-long building is one of the largest new build projects in the Netherlands. The new building accommodates 1,750 workplaces. Sustainability was key to the design and construction of the building. Power is supplied by solar panels and the building collects rainwater. This water is used to top up water required for flushing toilets and to water the 2,300 square metres of planters. During the design phase, a great deal of attention was paid to using daylight and to comfort, acoustics (due partly to the proximity of the nearby A4 motorway) and wind nuisance. Fire safety has top priority because it is a high building with a steel structure. This website gives an impression of the construction.

About the European Patent Office

The EPO grants patents to inventors, researchers and businesses. Through one patent application, they can obtain patent protection in up to 44 member countries. In addition, the EPO provides access to more than 100 million patent documents that can be used freely for research into innovations and technological developments. More than 100,000 patents were granted in 2017.



6 julio 2018

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