Sentro Mediko Otrobanda signed the Cooling Service Agreement

Sentro Mediko Otrobanda also signed the Cooling Service Agreement with Zakito District Cooling. Zakito District Cooling intends to provide cooling to all the suitable, basically centralized cooled, buildings between Rif and Piscadera, such as the World Trade Center Curaçao, Residence Piscadera, Renaissance, and the New Hospital.

Harry Jansen (Managing Director, Sentro Mediko Otrobanda): “For us Zakito District Cooling is a logical choice. Sentro Mediko Otrobanda will start operations mid-2020. It will house, 2 general practices, an ADC injection point, a pharmacy, an anticoagulation clinic, obstetrician, dietitian and practice nurse.
As an institution for the wellbeing of humans, we also want to contribute to the preservation of nature, for the well-being of our children. Zakito District Cooling gives us the opportunity to realize this without additional investment costs. In addition, the Zakito District Cooling system offers us cooling at lower, fixed and predictable costs for a period of 15 years. Given that the reimbursements in health care are usually fixed for a longer period, the system will make our activities less sensitive to the ever-fluctuating energy costs. Cooling amounts to ca. 70-80% of our total energy costs.”

Reliable, sustainable and cost stable energy

Deep seawater is one of the most reliable, sustainable and cost stable energy sources in the world. Especially for island nations, deep seawater is a valuable source of growth. With large scale seawater projects like this it will be possible to not only provide reliable (hurricane and tsunami proof), sustainable and cost effective cooling for many clients, but also develop the spinoff potential which could provide all the vegetables (greenhouses) and seafood (aquaculture) for the island, a potential new economic pillar for Curaçao. Deep Seawater technology is a logical option in the journey towards green and more selfsufficient islands, independent of foreign influences like fuel and food markets.”

About Zakito District Cooling

Zakito District Cooling is being developed, and will be built, owned and operated by an international consortium led by Ecopower International (Curaçao), consisting of Curaçaose Wegenbouw Maatschappij (CWM, Curaçao), Deerns (Netherlands), Civil Engineering Caribbean (Curaçao) and DEVCCO (Sweden). For engineering activities parties work with the local and international expert engineering, construction and consultancy companies with specific knowhow, like Makai Ocean Engineering (Hawaii). Together this joint venture has an extensive track record and experience in the development of large-scale District Cooling, Energy, Infrastructure and deep seawater pipeline projects

23 agosto 2019

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