Turkeys largest Data Centre designed for Turkcell

Turkcell opened Turkey’s largest data centre in Gebze, near Istanbul. With its new state-of the-art facility, Turkcell will be able to serve global IT companies such as Google and Facebook as well as Turkish public and private sectors by tripling their total data centre capacity, reaching now 52,000 m2. The size of the data centre will help Turkcell to reach its goal, to turn Istanbul into a regional hub of data. 

The Deerns design team effectively dealt with Turkcell’s ambitious goals. The multinational teams' aim was to have a highly modular and flexible data centre, earthquake proof up to a magnitude of 9 on the Richter scale and a very short time to market. Therefore, Deerns focused on the business requirements being in the lead for both the conceptual and detailed design and for all tender documentation.

Together with tender action support provided by Deerns, this approach resulted in successfully finalising all the design and engineering work within 3.5 months, selecting the contractor and - in the end - in 10,000 m2 of highly modular, TIER III and LEED Gold certified whitespace. The data centre complex is spread over a total area of 33,000 m2 and has 20 rooms of whitespace measuring 500 m2 each.

6 junio 2016

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